“The Mission is God's”

Yours truly back in September, in my first ever article for the Team Arequipa Newsletter:

Because of Jesus, reconciliation overcomes brokenness. Hope overtakes despair. Wrongs are righted. And it’s the church that carries on the mission. Christians are to be conduits of God’s presence. Jesus is still the one sustaining everything, and it’s still God’s mission, but Spirit-led people are called to live out the New Creation in the midst of an old one. 
And so Katie and I—after 5 years of married life and preparation and 5 months of dedicated time with two sending churches—are moving to a city in southern Peru at the end of the month. 
Why? Because of God’s mission.  

The bigger story we believe we're a part of is God's. We know the beginning, have a glimpse of the end, and have a humble role to play in the meantime. We believe it's a story for everyone, everywhere. It's what makes every follower of Jesus a "missionary." And it's what gives our life meaning and purpose, whether we're in Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Zambia, Mississippi, Italy, or—now—Arequipa, Peru.